Don't play your director's commentary over the cutscenes! Sunday 16th of June 2019

As I rule, I enjoy commentary features in the games I play. I usually play through the game first, then at some point in the future when I decide to replay the game, I'll enable any commentary options and off I go.

Usually this works well as you generally need to trigger the commentary actions manually. For example, in Wadget Eye games there's usually blooper and commentary buttons on screen to click. With Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you get a little audio clue and then press F to listen in.

However, DXHR also has one pretty much unforgivable aspect of its commentary track. I'm still playing the game as if it is the first time, exploring everywhere, doing everything ... and paying attention to the story. Some of this story is told via cut scenes and for whatever stupid reason the commentaries automatically trigger during cut scenes, drowning out the original audio. Now I admit this might be a tricky problem to solve but it would have been worth taking the time to solve instead of just sending me into an instant rage every time a cut scene plays and the long winded commentary jumps in (which incidentally you can't cancel and some of them are long). Don't get me wrong, it's interesting for sure - but I am trying to play the game as well, and that means you not shouting over the top of the story is important too!

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