Someone finally said it Sunday 26th of May 2019

When Deus Ex: Invisible War was first released I of course immediately bought it. I remember being soul crushingly disappointed by it, uninstalled it and never went near it again for years. I was definitely let down by that sequel! However, as the years passed my attitude softened and I thought I really should try and play it, especially as by this point Deus Ex: Human Revolution had come and gone too (which was a disappointment in its own way, but nothing on the scale of Invisible War). Except the DVD version wouldn't play on my computer. So I bought it on Steam instead, only to find that version didn’t play either. And so I ignored it again for a while. Mankind Divided also came and went, and given that there probably won’t be another, I got to thinking about Invisible War again.

I have a choice of two quotes, which oh which will it be

Third time's the charm!

- or -

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

Last week, in keeping with my “No DRM! No Steam!" policies, I bought Invisible War for the 3rd time, from GoG. It specifically mentioned it worked with all modern operating systems, so I assumed that they had some fix for the black-screen-on-start that has plagued me whenever I try to play it. This issue "probably" isn't computer dependent as I've tried it on several computers over the years. But as it turned out, same old same old – the game hangs on a black screen whenever trying to start a new game. Insanity it must be then.

Of course, times have changed, and for the better, at least in regards to digital refunds. Now if these companies sell you a bag of buggy shit you can get your money back. When I reached out to GoG for this, they did offer to refund the purchased but also suggested trying to install a Community Patch, which is where the actual point of this rambling post lies.

On running the setup program from the patch, the "I accept the license agreement" text has been suffixed with "Not that I've read it...". Of course I soon as I saw that I actually give a chuckle, thought "so true", and promptly continued with the setup without reading the agreement.

Somebody is remarkably accepting
Somebody is remarkably accepting

I see from the scrollbar it's actually quite a short agreement too, which is another change. Maybe I should have read it after all!

Oh, and wonder of wonders, I can start a new game. Takes a little while before it makes its mind up, but it did work in the end. Wonders will never cease.

Hopefully I don't rage quit on finding out that this game really is a turd not worth playing...

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