I just got rickrolled Saturday 8th of August 2020

Title Screen
Title screen

I'm currently (finally) playing Code 7, a "text-based hacking adventure". While I wish they'd hurry up and finish it (I backed this on Kickstarter in September 2016 and the final? episode is still not available), I thought it was time to progress a bit further as I've previously only played Episodes 0 and 1.

Although I've only fully played the first two episodes (I'm just getting started with Episode 2 now), I really like how Goodwolf have made an interesting game and how each Episode so far plays quite differently with new mechanics and puzzles. Not to mention no stupid block puzzles.

However, this isn't a "Afterthoughts" post, just a "how could I fall for this" post.

At a certain point there's an email about an archaic video system and it included a reference code. So I wrote the code down, fired up that "archaic video system" and entered the code, only to discover I'd been rickrolled. Dammit!

Well played, Goodwolf, well played.

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