Through the Moongate Friday 19th of July 2019

Although I've cut down on the number of Kickstarter projects I back, I still indulge from time to time. No more video game projects though! One of these was a book by Italian author Andrea Contato named Through the Moongate: The story of Richard Garriot, Origin Systems Inc. and Ultima.

My first exposure to the world of Origin was Ultima IV on the Master System II many years ago and I remember spending a lot of time on that game, but also not actually getting very far. Later on when I'd graduated to PC's I remember buying a Big Box of Ultima Ascension and it not actually working on my computer. I'm pretty sure I have an Ultima compilation CD kicking around somewhere too. I have also bought most of the Ultima's from GoG to play, eventually. In other words, I actually don't know very much about Richard Garriot or the story of his games.

I did get hold of a copy of a paperback title The Official Book of Ultima a few years back which I quite enjoyed although it didn't answer all questions. When I saw this Kickstarter though I knew I had to back it!

I'd received the eBook version a few weeks ago and read it from start to finish over the course of a couple of nights and it was well worth the purchase. I should probably write a review come to think of it.

Today there was a new parcel waiting for me and on opening it I beheld the beauty that is the hardcover version of the book.

I'm judging a book by its cover and my judgement is "It's Great!"
I'm judging a book by its cover and my judgement is "It's Great!"

Pretty good eh?

It's signed! Off to ebay with you then...
It's signed! Off to ebay with you then...

Hey look it's signed too! That's pretty neat. And I'm just kidding about sticking it on eBay.

Definitely a worthy addition to my bookshelf.

At some point Andrea is going to kick-start a Volume II, I'll be right in line for that too!

Interestingly enough it was also probably the best packaged book I've ever received. Unlike books from eBay which are usually shoved in a bubble wrapped envelope, or Amazon which shoves them in a box that, nine times out ten, is massive compared to the book, with some brown paper as spacers, this book arrived in a box, which was cleverly constructed so that it folded to create an inner box which perfectly fit the size of the book. It is an impressive box! End of slightly irrelevant note.

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